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Sisterhood Summer 2019

Can you believe its already summer!

The older I get the faster each year flies by. I find myself feeling the need to take even more photos to document the passing weeks.

Last year we had such an amazing response to our Sisterhood Summer we wanted to bring it back!

This summer we are focusing on FREEDOM!

John 8:36 tells us “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

Whether you are needing freedom from anxiety, fear, doubt, or addiction our sisters have prayed over their devotions to bring you encouragement and reveal the Truth of God’s Word and the FREEDOM it offers.

Sisterhood Summer 2019 officially kicks off June 18th, that’s NEXT WEEK! Be sure to invite the girls and ladies in your life to join you for this summer series. We want to add to our amazing sisterhood so no one is left out!

PS. Our Sisterhood Summer Giveaway will also return, so be on the look out for all the fun things we have in store for this summer.

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