We are so excited to launch our newest series this week! We’ve all heard the term #GirlBoss before. The idea that you can achieve all the things. You can be the best Mom while working a 40-hour job, running an Etsy shop, leading a Bible Study, and spending time with your husband.

OR maybe you’re not married, that’s ok. You might feel the pressure to have straight A’s, work and maintain an amazing job straight out of college, somehow spend an equal amount of quality time with your girlfriends, and be in a healthy committed relationship with your boyfriend. All while trying not to disappoint your parents.

While technically there’s nothing wrong with either of these scenarios we can quickly run ourself ragged striving to be the ultimate #GirlBoss in areas that God hasn’t called us to.

There are plenty of girl bosses in the Bible, and they didn’t become kick-butt women of the Bible just because they worked hard to do so. God chose everyday women, like you and me, and worked through them to accomplish some amazing things. You see when we stop letting our culture decide what we should be good at, and allow God to show us His plan for our life, that’s when we become a true #GirlBoss

One woman I always thought was a girl boss was Jael. Her story is found in Judges 5. Let me set up the scene for you…

The Israelites (God’s chosen people) had done messed everything up again, and as a punishment, they were now slaves to the King of Canaan, Jabin. The commander of his army was Sisera. The Israelites cried out to God because they were harshly oppressed for 20 years. Because God has a crazy amount of love and grace He commanded Barak to deploy the troops and fight Sisera’s army, promising to hand Sisera over to the Israelites in victory.

Side note, and an important note to the story. Barak would not do what God called him to do without the Prophetess Deborah coming with him. (#GirlBoss) Because of his hesitation, Deborah told him she would gladly go with him but that he would receive no honor during the fight because the Lord’s victory will be at the hand of a woman.

Cue Jael.

During the battle, God threw Sisera and all his chariots into a panic. Sisera literally ditched his army and ran away on foot. He ran to the tent of Jael (our #GirlBoss) because she was the wife of Heber, whose family was on friendly terms with King Jabin.

Let’s take a moment to realize that Jael was not an Israelite, but what happens next tells us that she recognized the importance of being aligned with Isreal and maybe even the power of God.

Jael invites Sisera into her tent telling him not to be afraid. She gave him a blanket and milk as he laid down to rest. She even stood watch at the door in case someone were to come looking for Sisera. But once he fell asleep she took a tent peg, grabbed a hammer and hammered the peg through Sisera’s temple straight into the ground killing the man who aided in tormenting God’s people.

This moment in history changed everything for the Israelites current situation. God used an ordinary woman to take out one of the more evil commander’s of the Bible. This weekend King Jabin and Israel became stronger and stronger until they destroyed him.

Can you imagine the bravery it took for Jael to invite Sisera into her home and then take him out? The fear she might have faced at that moment is hard to comprehend. But I have no doubt that God gave her bravery, boldness, and peace to carry out His will.

You see when it’s God’s plan for your life He will provide you with everything you need. We can’t become a #GirlBoss on our own, it’s simply impossible. But when we allow ourself to be used by God, for His purpose He allows us to do some incredible things.

Let’s Pray…

Heavenly Father thank you for designing a plan for my life better than I can imagine. Today I ask that you give me the boldness to step out and do what you have called me to do. Give me unquestionable peace this week as I step out in faith for what you are asking me to do. I know you are watching my every step and will take care of me, let your will be done and let your name be glorified in everything I do.


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