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Morning Grace Sisterhood Summer 2019 Wrap Up

We’ve spent this summer focusing on Freedom! We hope you’ve enjoyed each devotion and trust that God’s timing is perfect as you read and prayed through them.  If you are just joining us, you’ll find each devotion linked below. We believe God speaks to us all the time and these devotions can be used by God whenever you read them.  

We hope this summer you’ve discovered some new freedoms in your life! 

God knew we were going to get offended, He knew we were going to say and do things when we were tired and hungry and hurt and He knew we were going to need forgiveness. There’s Freedom in Forgiveness and Charlene started off our Sisterhood Summer by leading us in prayer asking for forgiveness. 

Julia Schilling helped us to Find Freedom & Rest by leading us through Psalm 23. His paths are not overwhelming, they lead to peace!

Kahla Jackson helped us to see that we can be missing something that is right in front of us. “See I have already begun! Do you not see it?”  Even if you can see it yet. Look up, child. Worry not! 

Anxiety is something many struggle with daily and can oftentimes catch some by surprise Jehosabeth Helton gives us practical advice on how to find Freedom from Anxiety.

Delora Roberts got personal with us and shared some real fears she’s worked through and how by praying and being obedient to God, she was able to overcome them

How many times do we set out to shine for Jesus and walk-in joy, but as we begin our day the lies of the enemy begin to creep in saying things like: “You aren’t good enough”, “You aren’t qualified”, “No one likes you”, “You are too much” ? Kaysi Smothers helps us use scripture to Free us from our Thoughts.

If you want to stop drifting, you have to clear the noise. Anna Samuel helps us find to find Freedom from Drifting.

Christina Woo shared how hard it is to forgive herself, even when what she’d done was unintentional in  Freedom from Self

Let’s Pray…

Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for the freedom that you offer each and every one of us. Thank you for your grace and mercy that never ends and the love you’ve poured out on our lives.  We pray for each sister that contributed a devotion this summer or read one of these devotions. As Sisters in Christ, we are better together and I pray for unity and peace in our lives, for your provision, healing, and for each Sister to realize the freedom she has in You.  


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